So I’ve Bought the Dot Com!

It’s not quite as big as step as it sounds.  I’ve been running The Virtual Marketing Company since 1985 and for the most part we’ve successfully provided consultancy services to a range of businesses in the services sector.

Our website has been hosted on the .biz URL because at the time I was starting out, the Dot Com was not available for anything like a sensible price.

The purchase coincides with a decision to refocus our efforts.  We are planning some exciting new stuff and as that rolls out I will share it with you here.  The past few years most of my work has been on a different business venture, which we took  from start to just over £1 pa turnover in  18 months and then sold,  and on helping my partner from that operation set up his new enterprise.   So, I have a background as a successful dot-com entrepreneur…although I’m not yet retired with a private jet and mansion yet!

I’m going to use this blog as a place to record how the new business shapes up,  the successes and mistakes we make, how we learn from them and hopefully how we ultimately end up winning!

I’ll probably include some personal stuff, though how much I am not sure about yet and I plan on experimenting a bit with what wordpress can do.  I’ve heard great things, I hope they are all true.







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